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A nebulous story about somewhat of a journey.

All music written and recorded by Blumen, except:
Drum parts written and recorded by James Christopher Knoerl

All music, including drums, recorded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Except some shakers and tambourines recorded in Boston, but come on, let's not split hairs, we'll be here forever.

Richard Maxwell Blumenthal | Piano, Bass, Strings, Synths

James Christopher Knoerl | Drums, Auxiliary Percussion
- jamesknoerl.com

Guest Solos and Sounds recorded in far-flung lands:

Gregory Ward Wakeman | Tuba | "Murk"
Theo Richard Young | Solo and Rhythm Guitars | "Murk"
- theoyoung.bandcamp.com
- facebook.com/theoyoungmusic

Luke Martin | Piano Solo | "Ossycles"
- versedaudio.com

Joey Izzo | Synth Solo | "Squall"
- archecho.com

Samuel Herbert Harchik | Guitar Solo & Outro Guitars | "HOME"
- samharchik.com
Michael Avery | Guitar Solo | "HOME"
- youtube.com/user/MichaelAveryMusic


released June 10, 2017

MIXING | James Christopher Knoerl
- jamesknoerl.com

MASTERING | Acle Kahney
- 4dsounds.com

ALBUM ARTWORK | Theo Richard Young (layout and editing)
- facebook.com/theoyoungillustration



all rights reserved


Blumen Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Track Name: Dawning
“Impatiently waiting for the sun’s greeting, a mere glimpse of the aurora was ample enough excuse to embark”
Track Name: Murk
“A tenebrious fog arose, spilling over the bows with almost a malevolent sentience. Grey tendrils caressed lights transformed into soft globes and wrapped heads in chilly wool, muffling the world in nebulous creaks and uneasy echoes”
Track Name: Ossycles
“The uneasy night behind, and a gentle zephyr billowing the sails, cheer returned. Smoothly cleaving the currents, only a skeleton crew remained needed for operation, allowing time for ancillary pursuits and idle amusements. Jocular shouts tumbled through the air, and soon a half-remembered tune was thumped out on a battered manual. The days … slipped by”
Track Name: A Favorable Wind
“Sights both strange and simple filled the every eye and ear, while unfamiliar faces hummed hauntingly familiar tunes. The words were fresh, but the songs almost comforting in their kinship to the sounds of home”
Track Name: Squall
“The wind sprang up abruptly, catching them unawares with both its ferocity and its brevity, departing as quickly as it had arisen. Leaving them dazed, and almost wondering if they had merely dreamt it”
Track Name: Home
“Greetings thrown about, indiscernible shouts and reunions all a happily muddled buzz. Yet it couldn’t be helped but to notice how small the sky seemed, which once hovered overhead with far-flung boundaries. Worn lines all too apparent on faces which once had seemed never to age. To remain here, content and carefree…?”