Alalia - Free Piano Score (link in description)

from Blumen

As I iron out some of the quirks of working with Finale, and also to generate interest in accurate sheet music for things like this, I'd be tickled if you checked out the piano parts for Alalia here in a convenient PDF:

I personally love having something to follow along with as I listen, perhaps you'll feel the same. My admitted ulterior motive is that I'm using this pdf as a precursor and demonstration of quality, the next solo Blumen album (summer 2016) will have a full piano transcription book available for purchase. The music itself will always be free, no change to that policy! Just looking at models for supplemental materials for release.

NO NEED TO CLICK 'BUY NOW', feel free to use the link above to view and download the pdf. I couldn't set the price to be 0$ in the merch options, so hence this weird method instead. Of course, if you DO donate, it'll give me an incentive to make sure the next batch is super polished ;) I'll also consider transcribing all the bass/string parts as well.

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